My First Memory of Floyd

My earliest memory of Floyd when I was 5 years old. That was 41 years ago, so it would have made him 58 years old – very old to my mind at the time.

We were at the wedding reception of my father’s wedding to my step mother, Susan. At one point I was about to eat a cupcake with some overly large silver candy balls, similar to these:

A cupcake with purple icing and silver candy balls | Cupcake cakes ...

Floyd was, and has always been, full of good spirit. Although he is not really a joker by nature, he is a larger than life character and he does love to laugh. As I was about to eat of the Floyd warned me to be careful of the ammunition on top of the desert – I would want to explode from inside.

Then his eyes lit up, he through his arms up and went BOOM! I giggled so hard.

And 40 years later The Old Goat, as he has taken to calling himself, can still make me laugh.

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